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Syngli is an educational tool that harnesses both findings about human learning from cognitive neuroscience, and the power of the web to enable collaborative knowledge generation.

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Key Features

  • A knowledge database that breaks down and encodes users' conceptual understanding
  • Algorithms based on principles of learning from cognitive neuroscience, AI, and machine learning
  • An online user community, collaboratively creating and curating the stored knowledge
  • Web and Android mobile apps to allow for learning at any time, anywhere
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User Community

Are you a...



...who wants to start getting better grades?
Syngli is an adaptive learning platform that can grow your knowledge and understanding, while also predicting and improving your test scores.


...who wants to truly teach, not just to test?
Syngli is a teaching aid that automates the assembly of intelligent computer- and paper-based tests, right down to the wording of individual questions.

language learner

...who wants to know more than one language?
Syngli is a training tool that focuses on skills like speaking and writing as much as listening and reading - whether you want to learn one, two or more languages.


...who wants your children to be leaders?
Syngli is an interactive tutor that will supplement your kids' instruction with topics they will need to know in the future - but that teachers are ill-equipped to teach.

mature learner

...who wants to maintain your mental health?
Syngli is a personal cognitive assistant that learns together with you, keeping faithful track of what you know and what you're prone to forget.


...who wants to know where your students stand?
Syngli is an assessment engine that can cheaply create psychometrically-valid and standards-aligned test items, both summative and formative.

Educational Philosophy

How would you answer the following?

Question Public

Public v. Private

Should the system be funded with public money, or be privatized and more competitive?
By facilitating collaborative, community-driven content generation, Syngli will be able to offer its service at low cost (indeed, for free to most users), mitigating the need for more investment.
Question Discovery

Discovery v. Basics

Should primary schools go back to basics, or promote discovery and creative thinking?
Syngli's algorithms, inspired by cognitive neuroscience, are well-suited for basic skills like memorization, but also generalize to higher-level cognitive abilities such as understanding - and are unique in their ability to recognize creative solutions.
Question Citizenship

Citizenship v. jobs

Should secondary schools aim to graduate responsible citizens, or skilled workers?
The novel way in which Syngli's knowledge database encodes curriculum is designed so that the software operates similarly regardless of subject matter, be it Roman history, Grade 11 biology, SAT mathematics, or Scrabble vocabulary.
Question Fairness

Fairness v. Leadership

Should society use schools to achieve socioeconomic fairness, or to train its leaders?
Syngli makes it simple for teachers, parents and students to observe learning progression, so that teachers can focus on those falling behind, parents can rest assured when their children master curriculum standards, and those students most driven to compete can continue to stay ahead.
Question Technology

Technology v. Tradition

Should education adopt technology, or minimize screen time by using traditional media?
While Syngli is an educational technology product, and one that may be combined with video-based content and an optional gamification layer, it has been designed to be equally useful to teachers who don't have computers or tablets for their students, or who prefer to give assignments and tests on paper.
Question Testing

Testing v. Teaching

Should standardized testing be used, or abandoned because it interferes with teaching?
Syngli can be used by learners studying for tests, teachers creating exams for their students, and school boards needing low-cost standardized assessment items. At the same time, Syngli's longer-term objective is to subvert summative testing entirely, by providing a continuous, detailed and accurate record of students' development.